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Shoes That’ll Make You Say, “Be Mine”

January 24, 2021

Shoes That’ll Make You Say, “Be Mine” - Kaitlyn Pan Shoes

Valentine’s Day is coming up and aside from keeping with its traditions by enjoying a box of chocolates or two (who’s counting?), we believe that this day of love should be celebrated—whether it be romantic, platonic, or self-love—and of course, we love celebrations because they give us an excuse to dress up! Here’s a list of the perfect shoes for every rendezvous.


Keepin’ it classy

Since Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for a lot of people, it really calls for some pinky-up-level fanciness. Put the “fine” in fine dining with our Pointed-Toe Studded High-Heel Slingbacks that just exude understated, timeless elegance.

A wander-ful time

After being cooped up in our homes for who knows how long, a leisurely stroll along a park or simply being outdoors—feeling the cool breeze and warm sun on our skin—can be a real luxury. Our Aaliyah Buckled Mules are a great option if you’re planning to go on a date that involves a lot of walking. Extra brownie points if you’re bringing your fur-baby along… or if your fur-baby is your date!

Lovely encounters

These times have really taught us to appreciate socializing… whether it’s a first actual date with someone you’ve gotten to know online, a first date with your special someone in a long time, or a lunch date to catch up with a loved one. If one of these applies to you, then you’ve got to go for our puffy Braided Macaron Flats, which add a soft and sweet touch to any outfit. Don't they just remind you of those little heart-shaped candies?

Heart of adventure

Is it just us or does any activity that involves leaving the house and not just heading to the supermarket already sound really exciting? While our actual adventures may have to be put on hold for a little bit longer, strolling along the Brooklyn Bridge or going gallery hopping don’t sound bad at all. Slip on our Tanya Buckled Two-Way Loafers and you’re set for a whole day on your feet.


Just Friends

For our single ladies out there, Valentine's day can be just as fun when spent with your girlfriends because who wouldn't love an occasion to dress up, eat delicious food, and be in the company of the people who get us? Our fun and playful Helena Kitten Heel Slingbacks are your best bet, whether you're having a brunch or dinner date... or both!

Home sweet home

Order in and wine and dine in the coziest, safest, and most exclusive location in town: your house. Sometimes, nothing beats staying at home, especially if you’re lucky enough to already have the person you’re gonna celebrate it with right there with you. Of course, you’ve got to wear something nice to make the occasion extra special. The best part is that you get to wear anything you want (e.g., that funky dress in your closet that you feel only you can appreciate)… now wouldn't that be fun? Regardless of whether you’re going for a classic look or one that’s more of an acquired taste, our plush Addy Buckled Mule Flats with fur detail are your best bet for a relaxed, but no less special, date night.


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