use code "FASHION" for 25% off. FREE SHIPPING for orders over $69 in the US

use code "FASHION" for 25% off. FREE SHIPPING for orders over $69 in the US

Our Mission

At the Kaitlyn Pan Group, we’re all about building confidence: your confidence in yourself… and your confidence in us. That is why we make sure that we abide by ethical labor practices and only use quality materials to create pieces that will stand the test of time. You’re more than just an end consumer to us and we want you to feel like you’re a part of the production process with us. We believe that knowing about the make, as well as the maker, of your chosen piece creates a special connection that enables you to wear it with complete confidence that shines through.

In it for the long haul / In the long run…

Good quality speaks for itself. We design pieces that you’d always want to wear going out, but won’t easily wear out on you. We work very hard on the technical stuff—whether it be making careful adjustments to the shoe last, sole, and overall composition or trying to come up with creative ways to increase comfort—so that your feet don't have to. Our hope is that you feel our love in every step.

Look smart, spend smart

Looking classy doesn’t always have to be expensive and our prices prove that. We know times are tough and the opportunity to treat yourself with a pair (or three) of shoes, a new outfit, or better yet, a new wardrobe may not happen as often as it should, but we’re here to help you become your best self without breaking the bank!

For all seasons

We like to put our own subtle spin on timeless designs to keep things fresh and exciting! We’d like to think that our pieces have the versatility to be used by women from all walks of life, whatever the occasion may be. Our modern classics will surely be a staple in your wardrobe for years to come.

Wear your heart on your sleeve

What you wear can influence your overall mood… and this has been confirmed by actual scientific studies! When you’re feeling down, looking down at a beautiful pair of shoes just might be that little nudge you needed to remind you that you’ve got this! Each day we walk this earth is a beautiful day. Why not celebrate this by wearing something that makes you happy? Life is beautiful…YOU are beautiful. We want you to feel as good as you look!

The best policy

We aren’t big on marketing ploys. We’re confident in our products because we know our products and we want you to feel the same way… So, we’re sharing our process with you! Honesty is the foundation of every lasting relationship, which is why we want to be as open with you as possible because we believe that as consumers, you deserve to know how each item is produced so that you know exactly what you’re buying.



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