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Use code "SUMMERSALE" to get 30% discount. FREE SHIPPING for orders over $69 in the US

7-in-1: One piece Worn in Seven Ways (Tanya Buckled Two Way Loafers)

May 03, 2021

7-in-1: One piece Worn in Seven Ways (Tanya Buckled Two Way Loafers) - Kaitlyn Pan Shoes

As you’ve probably noticed by now, every cool girl and her momma wants to get their hands (or should we say feet) on this season’s current it shoe: loafers. How can we blame them? Loafers aren’t just comfortable, they’re also have the unique ability of going well with pretty much any outfit under the sun. Whether you’re going for something sophisticated or playful, girly or androgynous, or relaxed or dressy, a trusty pair of loafers will never let you down. Here are just some of the ways to rock our Tanya Buckled Two-Way Loafers:


  1. While a polished outfit can make you feel like a boss, you can only truly become one by being on top of things… and needless to say, that involves a lot of hard work and constantly being on your feet. Honestly speaking, loafers were made for the corporate look, but we love adding some modern touches to tried-and-tested outfits. We’re talking slightly cropped trousers, suit sets in unique patterns, or even more relaxed silhouettes, if your workplace allows it. Accessorize with our Zoey Messenger Bag.


  1. Putting on a colorful outfit can certainly set your day off to a bright start. Don’t be afraid to wear loud prints, bold hues, or mixed patterns! Do what makes you happy and leave your feet to Tanya. If you’re more of a shy type or you’re just dipping your feet into more playful looks, you could start by slipping into some snazzy socks! Accessorize with our Penelope Messenger Bag. 


  1. For those days when you just want to have fun like our girl, Cyndi Lauper, you can count on our Tanya Loafers for a whole day of walking (or dancing!) in the sun. Achieving this look is pretty easy too! Just grab your cutest dress, romper, or mini skirt suit, and you’re all set! Add in some white crew socks for instant best girl vibes. Accessorize with our Cloud Baguette. 


  1. If you tend to lean toward more feminine looks, trying out an androgynous outfit can be a breath of fresh air. And if it ends up not being your thing, unisex pieces (e.g., button-down shirts, baggy trousers, oversized blazers, etc.) are still really practical to have in your wardrobe because they can add some edge to an outfit. Throw an unstructured blazer over a loose shirt tucked into some tailored pants for effortless chic. Swap the blazer with a sweater vest and be one of the cool kids. Experimenting with a gamine look is another fun option. Accesorize with our Mila Buckled Saddle Bag. 


  1. Although loafers are often paired with dressier looks, don’t let that stop you from wearing them with loungewear because let’s be honest, it’s what we all reach for most these days. Whether it be an oversized chunky sweater, joggers, or your favourite hoodie, keeping things monochromatic works best, in our opinion. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how our white Tanya Loafers, in particular, can take your loungewear game to a whole other level. Accessorize with our Horseshoe Belt.


  1. When we said that loafers could go with anything, we meant it… and this probably takes the cake for the least likely pairing, but it works and we’re here to spread the word! Yes, loafers look great with long dresses! So go ahead and reach for our Tanya Loafers the next time you’re in one. You won’t regret it! Accessorize with our Aria Quilted Circle Bag. 


  1. Pair these timeless shoes with an equally classic outfit and you’ve got yourself a foolproof go-to outfit for those days when you just don’t know what to wear. Mix and match basic trousers with a plain top while keeping a neutral color scheme and you’ve got yourself an instant clean and sophisticated look. Just remember, with outfits like these, fit is key! Also, you could use this as an opportunity to rock our Tanya loafers in a watermelon colorway for a fun pop of color. Accessorize with our Charlotte Shoulder Crossbody Bag.




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