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Quality in the Making: Braided Macaron Flats

October 02, 2020

Quality in the Making: Braided Macaron Flats - Kaitlyn Pan Shoes

As their name suggests, slide sandals are a fuss-free type of footwear that you can put on and remove in a jiffy for an effortlessly chic look, in every sense of the word. However, what most people fail to realize is that a lot of time and effort actually goes into even the simplest and most unassuming pieces. Take our braided Macaron flats, for example… Allow us to share with you exactly what goes into making these minimalist staples.

Aside from being pleasing to the eye, shoes have to be pleasing to the feet too. This is where science (and a good amount of math) enters the picture. Proper measurements are key when it comes to making shoes. As most of us have experienced at least once, ill-fitting shoes can be a nightmare! And we are firm believers that at the end of the day, it’s what’s on the inside that counts when it comes to shoes… especially if the day in question involved a whole lot of walking! If you’re wondering where the soul of a shoe is, it’s in the shoe last. Technically speaking, a shoe last is a foot-shaped form that shoemakers use to mold shoes with and while they may seem unremarkable, they make the difference between shoes that look great on display and shoes that you can actually walk in. Here’s a video clip of our shoemaker heating up the shoe last. Thanks to our elementary school science lessons, we know that heat makes things expand. We do this extra step because this adds that tiny bit of allowance to accommodate some expected swelling after a long day of walking.

In case you were wondering, our braided Macaron flats would not attain this level of pillowy perfection without hard work and meticulousness. We incorporated some little details like matching puffy sole pads to cushion your feet.

Fun fact #1: the 4-stranded braid that we used is also known as a “plait.”

Fun fact #2: They don’t just look like fluffy marshmallows… they feel like them too!


We weren’t kidding when we said that we take our puff seriously. Actually, the first batch of braids didn’t pass the standards of our shrewd Puff Police. We had to make adjustments to ensure that the leather tubes were filled with just the right amount of filling for maximum and uniform puff. Yes, we went through all of this trouble because it’s truly these little details that ultimately make a quality piece.

The braided strap is hammered onto the sole to make sure that it won’t come apart. Both ends of the strap are then shaved down to flatten the bottom of the sole for a more comfortable wear. Finally, the bottom part of the strap is then attached so that everything is sealed together… and there you have it!

But we weren’t quite done just yet… our Sole Patrol was not fully satisfied with the first batch of finished products because of the slight unevenness between the two pieces of the sole that are attached together. With some final tweaking, we eventually got the smooth edges that we were aiming for.

As they say, quality takes time and excellence takes a little longer. We hope that this sneak peek into our production process makes you feel more confident about our products and shows you just how much we care!

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