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Use code "SUMMERSALE" to get 30% discount. FREE SHIPPING for orders over $69 in the US

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Our shoes are true to our size chart. As size chart varies from brand to brand, if you are the first time shopper at our online store, before place an order, we strongly suggest you to measure your foot length as below, and compare it to our size chart in order to locate your shoe size accurately.

How to Measure your Foot to select the correct shoe size

You will need:

  • A piece of paper
  • A Wall
  • A pencil or pen
  • A tape measure
STEP ONE - Measure the length of your foot
In order to measure the length of your foot, place the sheet of paper against the wall. If you will be wearing the footwear with socks or pantyhose have these on your feet as well. Place your bare foot on the paper with the heel against the wall. Mark your longest toe on the paper and then measure the length from the wall to this mark.
Remember to do this with both feet as most people have one foot longer than the other and this is the foot that footwear size should be selected on.

How to measure your foot length

STEP TWO - Measure your foot width and circumference

The easiest way to get the width measurement of you foot is get the tape measure and stand on it with it sitting under the widest part of the ball of your foot. For circumference, bring one end past the big toe and the other one past the ball joint and bring the ends together. Do this with both feet. Most of our shoes are only for feet with medium width, please order size down or up if you have narrow or wide feet. Contact customer services if you have questions about finding your shoe size.

How to measure your foot width

STEP THREE - Select your shoe size

Please note that many people have one foot that is longer or wider than the other. It is important to buy your shoes in the size the accommodates the length and width of the larger foot. You can always get a heel grip or a half insole to fit the other foot.

Take your foot length (remembering if one foot is longer to use longer one) and review our size chart to select your size.

As a final tip if you are not sure if you have got the correct size, compare it to your sports footwear shoe size as it should be close to this.

If you are having difficulty deciding on your shoe size, please contact customer services and let us know your foot measurements and what style of shoe you are interested in purchasing and we will help you select the correct size for you.


Please get your exact and accurate foot measurements before utilizing this chart.

How to meausre your feet